Investment Objectives

We seek opportunities to partner with experienced management teams from the exploration and production, oilfield equipment and services, midstream and downstream energy industry sectors. We also evaluate energy infrastructure, alternative energy, energy technology and other energy-related opportunities that are focused on meeting the industry’s changing needs. Most ESS Funds investments are structured as equity positions; however, we have the flexibility to develop customized financial structures. When large amounts of capital are required, ESS Funds uses co-investment, partnering and financial leverage strategies.


Investment Process

ESS Funds considers potential investments with the objective of identifying opportunities that provide excellent prospects for value creation. Particular attention is focused on each company's strategy, growth potential and likely exit options. Most portfolio company managements invest alongside ESS Funds’ capital, and management receives additional incentives tied primarily to value creation. We structure our investments to ensure a unified interest between the management team and ESS Funds. Our due diligence process is streamlined to move expeditiously to funding.


Ongoing Role

In addition to providing capital, the ESS Funds team brings management and financial insight to our portfolio company relationships. We work closely with each management team to implement the growth strategy. However, we do not participate in day-to-day management of the businesses. ESS Funds has an extensive network of industry participants and service providers that we can draw upon to assist in achieving company objectives. We also provide assistance with acquisitions, capital formation and structuring, and opportunities for profitability enhancement. All of these resources are combined to optimize value creation.